faster and easiest way ever to tranlate. using google toolkit

I’m working in translation field ..every month I have more and more dictionaries and programs which help me to do my missions … I want to mension here "easylingo" software ,that help me a lot .but it still stupid program because you must to do everything … this program only make me remeber some words I had forgoten . other programs will help you translate total phrases or texts or documents you enter … but all these software can’t you as same as "google tranlator toolkit" do.

let’s see what google launched last days and how can these help you translate 500 words in less than 5 minutes . that is true . and the results will be facinating.  

Google Translator Toolkit is a new tool being launched today to help translators organize their work and benefit from shared translations, glossaries and translation memories, the Google China Blog reports(English translation by Google).

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